Thursday, March 20, 2008


New Post! New New New!

Yeah finally I got some spare time on this easter break to post something. There's a lot of happenings going and I thought like, "when I'll going to have some spare time to write?" and nowwwww finally the time has came!

Okey at the moment, I really wish for this thing : Gap buckle wellies. damn it its cool. and some floral print dresses for spring~ kyaa like I'm having spring here, ha-ha.

anyway about the wellies--i really wish for that one, like in these images:
gap buckle wellieswellies teen vogue

see the pink one? it's chanel's and tagged at about $275. sooo I moved on that one to gap--the last time i checked its for $20. anyone interested in buying me a pair? :P