Sunday, May 10, 2009

gossip girl and taylor momsen

I'm totally bitty bitty in love with gossip girl. and it's not only for the character, it's for the ability of their stylists to mix up such gorgeous outfits on its characters!
might be too late writing about this, but well i just wanna share my mind.. uhmph.
well i wish one day i can afford all things in serena's wardrobe, ha ha ha. i agree with anyone whom said that you can just watch the show in mute and enjoying the apparels of the casts! ha-ha.

who would refuse to wear a dior $1900 something gown in her prom which serena wears? aaaa

and apart from upper east side, i'm a bit in love with miss rocker taylor momsen after my boyfriend's influence-ha-ha-ha. but while he's in love with her rockerstar-like style, i'm in love with her because she's just so daring... and i just love how she wears that leather jacket of hers.

she rocks huh? :)

else, you have to see her photoshoots from Qvest (german) magz and vogue (espana)! :D