Sunday, August 10, 2014

fairy tales must have happy endings

Once upon a time, there were a prince and a princess, from two different lands.
They grew up as the best of friends, and fell in love with each other deeply, for they were both of the same background and age; the same kin and friendship; merry and carefree.
On many days they held the sun as if it wouldn't shine anymore on dawn, they lived free, loving each other relentlessly.

Alas, they were pampered, as if the world were theirs. Even, as often times passed by, they went--just the two of them--against the demanding world. But for there were problems, there were solutions, for there were lies, there were hurt.
Madly in love as they seemed, these obstacles put strains on them, sending the couple mad, as they were madly in love, yet madly troubled by the world.

One evening, the princess wished upon the stars, that through all the great demand of the lands she had, she could be with the prince still and all. And the prince, would love to be with her, still and all. That their love were to stand tall, and she could have the fairy tale ending, just like all other princesses before her wished upon the stars. Yet there she was, wishing upon the stars, beneath her, the crashing waves, as she was standing on the tip of the rock on the cliff top. All she had in her heart was the overflowing love, yet buried down in her mind was the frightening thought of the world behind her. The judging and harsh world that had so often made her questioned her own words and options, and most miserably, thoughts. Didn't they say your thoughts and fantasies are your biggest power?, she thought again.

What she didn't know was the true mind of the prince. It bothered her to the extreme, as she actually had pulled great effort to share to the very least bit of her thoughts, that he acclaimed to know her so well, yet to her, the prince's true thoughts lied in the depth of mystery. All she knew that he loved her, but that wasn't the only case, as the cruel world turned to demand so much more than love.

That night, after wishing upon the stars, she tumbled down in her sleep to a long and deep tunnel with memories playing around her. It made her refused the Gods to wake her up, as she found comfort within her exquisite dreams. The princess found happiness in her own memories, without the world demanding against her.

And she ain't no sleeping beauty. There she was, sleeping still.