Monday, June 02, 2014

let's be brutally honest

Hi blog, been missing you for long.

I'm currently updating from a very random place on a sunny, good morning :)
Listened to the song Reload from my headset, and can't help not to reflect on how my life has been going like a roller coaster these past few months!

To name a few, I just slept only for good 2,75 hours last night, to wake up so early this morning, do some papers, work on my project on 10 AM, and the list goes on... Lol

Even being a roller coaster ride, life can't get any more fun! One random thought: just realized how much I've grown up from a kissing memory. Lol I know how vulgar it is to post it online. But you just know you just get older when your kisses now involve more booze and less consciousness.

Another random thought: I am now older because I (can) drink black coffee for breakfast. A few years back that would be a laughable fact.

And last but not least, me being brutally honest as usual, I am in love again :) Let's hope for the best. I am tired of heartbreaks, losing people from my life, and starting over again. Let this lasts. I know how cliche that may sound, but after all this time.......