Sunday, November 23, 2008

HAHAAAAAAAA i'm currently in the state of the happiest girl on earth, :D
anyway, i just wanted to blog some things about yesterday haha.

mau post pake bahasa ah :D

jadi kemaren pagi (sabtu) gw ke fx, nyelesein tugas kelompok bahasa indo untuk bikin reportase. i recorded the whole news thing di starbucks with a friend of mine, sherlyn jadi sok2 kayak larry king live gitu deeeh :D. there was jojo toooooooo~ yang jadi record-man

nah, tapi gua dateng kayak telat gitu deh deh deh according to jojo yg uda dateng dari jam 9, soalnya gw tadinya mo dtg jam 8.30 but i have to brangkat bareng my father yg hari itu mau ke bandung. tdnya katanya bokap gw dia mo brkt 7.30, tp bahkan pas kemaren jam 8.30 dia baru packing maan omg so i came very late to fx ;(

so the whole recording and rehearsing were fun. but things fell off when everything has ended and lohan (sherlyn) and jojo had to go home. sementara gw udah gagal ke erasmus huis karena it was 1.15 already :(

abis jojo pulaaaaang, gw ke ratu plaza beli ulead video editor sesuai saran clarisza benedicta runtung untuk ngedit videonya. nah things got worse! he was mad at me because i came late that day so on so forth bla bla bla and bla bla.
dr raplaz karena gw bingung mau ngapain akhirnya i drove off to my grandpa's house di senayan.

nah nah itu udah jam 2an gt. the nekad scene began mulai dari jam 3.20 dimana gw udah gk enak 1/2 mati sama johannes mario sebastian brttzzz gara2 gw telat meen! -_-
jd gw berpikir nekad untuk mengendap2 ke tempat les nya dia which is di hang lekir dan lumayan deket dgn rumah opa gw yg di dket mulia. ekekeke.
tp ternyata jam 3.40an dgn gw udah keringet dingin cari excuse buat kabur dr rumah opa gw, sementara lg nemenin sepupu maen pasir, si jojo sms dia udah pulaaaaang!! yah :(, tp untungnya udah ga marah2 lagi.

tp gw terlanjur ketemu excuse untuk pulang cepet: bahwa gw mesti jemput adek gw d rumah temennya~ ekekkee. jadi gw nekad2an dan akhirnya janjian di monami~
so me and my driver had to ngiter2 hang lekir asking some pedestrians about monami whereabouts. mana gua gak bs ngontek orang2 dgn pulsa abis dan cdma error, ngeeeng

but luck was on my side yesterday, he did come not long after i found monami hahaha.
and so we met. BAHAHAHAHA :D

there was some highlights HAHA and the pecking scene yg membuat seseorang sangat bangga setelahnya ckck (Nb:ulead = software video editor)
gw tau, lu napsu ya! hahahaa. canda.
T= gw, J=jojo

T : *ngeluarin ulead* liat dong gw udah beli video editor nii buahahaaaaaa sukurin lo blm bwek. ayo ke raplaz ikut
J : engga ah gila lu masa gw ijin beli ragout terus diculik baliknya bawa cd
T : haha yaudah laaaah
J : *mo ngerebut ulead gw*
T : et et et
J : eh expansion pack tuh, hahaha
T : apaan sih service pack gitu tulisannya yee
J : *peck, terus lari ke sate house*
T : *kaget dan bingung*

hahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, BANGGA KAU bikin gua nerves.

udah ah, lucu ngingetnya. ga kuat cerita lagi hahahah.

Friday, November 21, 2008

NEW POST! Ohh my god i'm so excited that I'm able to write here finally.
okay, take a deep breath.

It's been a month or less since the last post and finally i think i come to a state that, everytime i post something, there would be some writing like "its been blablabal since blablabla", which means these days I get no spare time just to write about my days

Meanwhile, it looks like some friends tagged me to do this homework thing -- i dont know. i was confused at first, what did they mean by "tes lu dapet homework dr gw" bahaha. i mean, uh, homework is already a bad name to me, hahaa
nevertheless i read their blogs and finally understood what they had meant

so here it is, my homework, pals. THANKS FOR THE HOMEWORK, PEMPIE, RENE, TASIA.
(and unfortunately i hav to post the rules first, ba ha)

1. Each blogger must post these rules.
2. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Blogger that are tagged need to write about their own blog about their ten things and post. these rules. you need to choose some people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don't forget to live them a comment telling them they've been tagged and to read your blog.

hm, random facts about me

i fall frequently these days - i dont know why but you can ask my school friends. its silly, i know, and i hate it too. even AA has something to say about this, that "tessa has a very bad balance"
ba ha.

i couldnt stand being home 24/7 (means, i'm very outgoing, ha ha) - it isnt like what you think, i'm not having a broken home, but its just i would feel very boring and trapped haha.

techno rocks my ass really - i could listen to satisfaction (club mix) a hundred times a day with a bassbooster-ed full-volume speaker without getting tired of the beats :D

i'm very open minded for my age and i'm not bigmouthing about this. (ha ha, laugh my ass, i just said it on public, wasnt it a try of bigmouthing). i'm easy going and pretty easy to get on with people. yea, at least reality proves it this far, ha-ha

i was the brightest student and chosen as student of the year when i graduated from my kindergarten HA HA HA. well, talking about kindergarten, i was very unpleased the first time i went to school, because that day, i finally knew that i was going to leave my mom because i was at school. on my first day in what is called TK A, i cried all along the hallway because i didnt want to go to school at all and it was a very dramatic scene, with 3 teachers + the headmistress (a church sister) + my mother pushing and hauling me around just to get me to the class. i refused and resisted still, plus crying very loudly and exclaiming that i just wanted to be with my mother, at home. hahahaha
what an experience. and my first kiss happened when i was only a K2 student (TK b). hahahah

i have a little ability to manipulate people - err some say i could mobilize people to do what is desired hahaha.

i really love eating, especially everything that comes from a cow: beef, milk, cheese, yoghurt <3. style="font-weight: bold;">coffee shop because i often have to wait for people in a place far from my house :(, and 2/3 of my previous month's creditcard billing was consisted from various, if not a few, coffee shops, ha ha. i really love having some time to myself and seesster. i love being spoilt and boys with great scent and cute smile :)

more random, hm. i really like reading and cooking. it runs in the family, ha ha, and has passed many generations. :D:D. i treated my books higher than any other stuffs i have (okay, lebay, i know), but my house is in a mess right now so dont expect my books to be in order like how it is used to be.

wow, NINE finally. i hav some passion, if not much, in fashion and art haha. i love artworks, and fashion is definitely one of it toooo :). i'm not much of a buyer though. this is something that lots of people dont know about, so keep ur mouth shut if you've came through this part hahaha

TEN, wow, TEN. its really hard for me to think about this. hmm. random? what????
okay, this is very unimportant but i'm much of a kinesthetic and visual learner than audio. hm that means its easier for me to learn with my hands(hullo, like practices, or writing notes) and my eyesss(oh so this is why i keep remember nice hunks on street's faces, hahaha, kidding)

and now, SILVIA ISABELLA PURWITA, JOHANES SEBASTIAN, MAI SETO and PUTRI LIDWINA, have to do the homework tooooo yaa :)

okay, i think this post is loooong enough and i cant even write more for today..

and anyway, have i written here that some friends of mine had left for singapore earlier in this month? hehe.
uh i really miss them there (and especially that remarkable one tee-hee :D).

see ya.