Saturday, March 27, 2010

holiday, so far!

yoho, this holiday has been pleasurable so far to me. last saturday i went to pim for idoan's birthday... at hanamasa! his treat! haha. eat till drop.
then sunday brought nothing.

on monday afternoon i went to ex with gilbert and aa :D. we watched imaginarium of dr. parnassus, an interesting movie with good graphic and incomprehensible ending. ended up eating at pizza e birra... haha. we three talked till drop (or so it was) but on 5 gilbert and aa had another schedule going on so we departed. they're the best guy bffs ever! :)

on tue-thu, i was like really busy. since morning i'd prepared stuffs i was going to bring to se e's crib: i was going there for a sleepover! so in most of my activities all day i had to bring a whole big blue bag which was filled with clothes-mine!

in the afternoon i went to visit indra at the hospital: he's having a dengue fever. get well soon dra! i visited him with the most effort ever, since i had to take busway to meet jojo at plaza senayan to go to siloam with him. i was running late by half an hour because i tripped on my way (bringing that sucked big blue bag and my sandals got wrecked and my feet hurt), and i had to take a taxi. -_-" arriving at ps, straightly picked up by jojo after my feet landed on the lobby. ha-ha.

after visiting indra i was dropped by jojo at mall taman anggrek. i looked like a maid from far away java land ready to go home (mudik) or someone looking for a job. decided to take a taxi from MTA to my physics course (imagine that! i still have a phys course on holiday, nananana)
doing my physics course with my big blue bag in tow. you know, another crazy part of the day is that i took a bajaj ride with nike from my physics course to cl (because we're going to meet my friend emily there to go to se.e's crib together). we really did look like two maids going home to far away java land! ha!

finally met emily and apparently she's with her bf, steve. back then it was raining, so we postponed our departure and waited inside cl till the rain stops. se.e was waiting confusedly because it took so long time for us to go to her crib, hahahahahahaha. then we took a busway and picked up at the shelter by steve's gahul dad. finally arriving at se.e's crib the sleepover place!!! i was so tired like an old lady by the age of 80.

the sleepover itself was really fun, there were nike and emily as i have mentioned, though on the 2nd day nike went home earlier. i ate like a pig! and se e was like satisfying all my food crave:pizza to kwetiau, hahahaha. on the 2nd day we went to central park by transjakarta, but nike then was picked by her brother and replaced by caca! ate jcool, and almost feel asleep there, we four were very-very sleepy. central park was also very deserted... many shops haven't even opened yet.

then at night, me, se e, emily and her bf, steve, who's se.e's neighbor, went to a nearby eatery called cafe 12. haha i was like uber sleepy and just too lazy to move my feet.
now i miss them :( huhu they're like the most understanding girlfriends ever :) haha

yesterday, i went to mediterania garden 2. had some minor accident on the way: traffic jam, had to accompany my sister to her friend's birthday at ex, etc., so it took me almost 2 hours to reach the apartment. i also have an appointment with my classmate about a drama assignment in the same place... so it took me another one hour before i finally went up to aa's crib. haha

there were pempi, sasa, jordy, aa, ajie, and gilbert. huba's arriving late. helped pempi cooking cream sauce for the fettuccini! the fettuccini was uber delicious except for the excessive amount of cheese i poured into it HAHA. though we were running out of gas and had to use electric stove which was really a pain in the ass since it doesn't heat as effective as a gas stove -_-"
also watched 3/4 part of liverpool vs man. utd match there, after the 2nd man utd goal we all went to ps. haha.

watched the hurt locker at cinema, not my fave genre ever, but it was worth watching. the story is about IED and soldiers in iraq. bombs, wars, and guns.

went to my grandpa's crib at night and picked by my daddy.
got to go now, i have to buy some fabrics for my dancing assignment: i have to make a dancing costume by my own! isn't that uber cool? haha. well, it's gonna be a really busy day, since in the afternoon i have to take a travel-bus to bandung to take care of some matter (as in real payable business baby! my first paid job! hahaha)

the craziest thing is, at the end of the day, at times i found myself still missing a particular presence in my life. hahaha love is unexplainable.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

layout updated

simple much ryt? haha. if you've been reading my blog for years, you'll notice that this layout might be one of the simplest i've ever come up with :)
but honestly right now i just like being simple and i'm in love with that kind of soft-pink (what do you call pink pastel in english?) and i blended it with the ever so cute pale-purple.

anyway, i have 2 weeks holiday ahead of me! (no wonder i'm updating my layout after a long time). yoo yoo who's up for refreshments? me! ahaha. i've no more burden or sadness upon my shoulder, despite the painstaking moments i had a few days ago. i let it go, we'll never be the same again. soooo let's regain the composure back and voila!

happy holiday guys! (and do your best on UN for grade 12!)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

handbags crave

coach pop c spotlight
i love the colors! the bag would topple a simple look

burberry small confetti heart tote bag
notice the simplicity huh?

dkny abstract paneled leather tote
this one feels just 'one of a kind'

which one do you like best?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

lonely amongst the crowd

mom said she doesnt believe her eyes when she saw me crying for all that irrational stuffs in this world, despite me always being logical and rational at times. she thought that i'm her only child who can control her emotion very well --- mom, it was like, months ago. i had been somehow a bit unstable these days, toppled by 'the raging hormones'. now that i've regained my composure, i still have to light up my life to my expectations. there are always some rocks on the path... like right now, when everything's finally done, my PMS, whatever, another thing is hitting me. i don't know mom, i don't know.

meanwhile, tomorrow is friday. there's a loop for chance that i'm getting a chance! haha. but playing chances without external-support is just like a time bomb, everything you pile to yourself may get you into trouble. it has to be double sided. so i feel like saying i prefer to let things flow like the way it used to be... but everything is open to be talked and discussed.

anyway, apart from everything, i'm inviting everyone to come to my house, chilling and buzzing around! haha :) its great to have a companion.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

growing up part 2

"mana janji manismu, mencintaiku sampai mati..." AHHAHAHA
keep singing that line over-n-over again in my head, haha. after i reread this post, guess people may wondering who i'm talking about, but yes this post is majorly dedicated to someone

over the days (though short as it may seem), i seem to grow up a hundred days ahead! :) it's like this kind of feeling that surge through you, when you finally understand things in life that go over that cycle over and over again.

life's been a bit unfair, but how could one justify their lives though? it seemed pretty difficult to move on past these 4 days but i made it alive! funny to see the desire of surviving in my body after the heart-ache on last saturday
what's unfair is that the fact people know the feeling of being brokenhearted yet they couldn't stop themselves from doing the damage, ha-ha

i reread some msgs from 8 or even 9 months ago from someone i've fallen in love to when we broke up and it was dammit sad, but then we recovered and made another special relationship going on :) it had been all beautiful till this year, the end of last month in particular, when everything complicatedly has been falling into pieces... and from here i see beauty doesn't last forever and season changes.
i really wish things would go back into its place, as in those affections, but wherever direction i step i don't see any affections coming back.

maybe this is a part of growing up, maybe this isn't, yet it's a part of life that i can't skip, haha. let's see how God justifies and leads my life after this... :)

Monday, March 08, 2010

growing up

i was supposed to write things here haahaa
but i forgot what since i read this post from my sister's blog
my sister

okay now... i still dont know what to write
i just know that one of some things i wanted to post about is now that i know exactly your dreams & circumstances, i wanna prove you that i can understand... just like all other things that needed lots understandings before.
lets say, ive said if you need me to understand something, explain, explain, explain, explain. now when youve set the deadline of too-late, instead you started explaining, when i cant even show my understanding anymore, hahaha

nanana, just imagine how perfect life can be without such burden carried alone. hoho.