Tuesday, March 15, 2011

say no to hectic life

i've been drowning in exhaustion a lot these days, flying off from headache to another headache after staying till the darkest hours in the morning... of course, the causes hadn't always been studying.
it seems that life's putting so much happiness and new stuffs within :)

i had been going to kemang for 2 weeks in a row every saturday night, it feels weird to have such an uncommon place to chill out and spend my weekend, so unlikely with the usual going outs to malls and parties and stuffs.

i miss those partying days! :) now that most of my friends have turned 17, its only ribka's birthday next week that i could look forward to for another party. well, yeah. people get older. (and the troubles that follow get so much more complicated :( )

i just read my sister blog again (after a long time) and amazed by the amount she has grown up. she's an amazing blogger! check her blog out at http://shintawijnayu.blogspot.com
i think i'm gonna help her make a better layout for her blog once i have lots of spare time ;)

partied down the night last saturday at cheryl's, my best friend :). i'm so gonna miss high school, can't believe it's only a month from now before i'm finished with all these high school stuffs.
it hasn't struck me though. damn it, i think it's only yesterday that i got into SMAK 1 and got thru the orientation days, taking the staircases to 8th floor, etc, :(

ribka and me, cheryl's party at segarra
me wearing: zara s/s 11 tanktop, trf night sequined skirt, xsml loose nude cardigan, zara a/w 10 patent leather pumps

i wish days like that happen everyday instead of this school final examinations i'm having tomorrow ;( wish me all the best of luck health and spirit please!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

plagued heart

The ones we love tend to stay in our hearts and minds long after the relationship ends. While some move on quickly, others dwell and heal at a slower pace. Whatever the case, the thoughts, emotions and memories we experience during this time are heartwrenchingly powerful and real.

- read it somewhere. explains a lot.