Saturday, February 04, 2012

Guy criteria

I went to Bandung with my grandfather today, embracing the paddy fields of his in Ujungberung, where he's building the grave of my late grandma... The trip was fun, ended up having lunch at Toko YOU (it is most familiar to Bandung locals I guess, since it's been established since more than 60 years ago).

We had nice and lengthy chit chats on the way home as our stomaches were full and I've decided not to sleep again as I've slept all the way to Ujungberung.

There then, came the topic of guy criteria, and to my amusement he listed down the best guy criteria for me (based on his own experience being the solver to the troublemaker Tessa, ha ha). Here's like, the list.

1. continuous care (well yes to his definition to care means to pay a continuous attention..)
2. have a great taste (HAHA. Yeah. Right!)
3. a gentleman (well-mannered!)
4. well-informed (ok. smart/ "nyambung" guys turn me on.)

Then he added : "money. Potential to get money."
"What do you mean by potential?"
"Well later in life a lot of money for a start is not that important. But to earn good money he should be well educated, manage himself to work..... and 'Is he a dreamer' (just dreaming and yet doing nothing).."

Well grandfather. That's one hell to find the right partner for a lifetime... no?