Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hullo! hullo! I think the picture has represented all I need to say :), selamat Idul Fitri buat semua yang rayain, maafin gua ya kalo ada yg salah huhu.

seiring dengan libur Idul Fitri, otomatis pasti Liburaaaaan! Blah blah biasanya gw sangat senang liburan, tapi khusus tiap taun gw paling sebel kalo libur Lebaran. Bukannya apa, tapi : pembantu pulang! Bah, means doing houseworks yang piling up terus menerus dan nyokap yang ngomel karena gw males HA HA HA. What a holiday I cant enjoy.

Yayayay I'm in a really deally bad mood rite now because Jakarta is so panas dannnn gw mau diajak ke Puncak tapi males karena ada temen2 nyokap wihi. dan katanya cowo keren anak temen nyokap gw gak ikut jadi I'm not really looking forward. Udah gitu pr numpuk lagi whoa.

In my short term wishlist now ada 5 items yang urgently needed: Brisingr, 3 buku Stephenie Meyer, dan dompet (mau yg Fossil... [Gor, ayo! BAHAHA]!) nyaaaaaah I guess anyone yg mau beliin gua the whole lot would be my BFF (ha ha kidding).

Okay, sekian curhatnya. gw nampaknya semakin mirip singa karena dari kemaren pagi belom keramas nya-ha. bubaaay!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I need a break


Okay, I know that's stupid. But I just feel that my life is piled with stuffs that is just unsatisfying as it was.. the thing is, now I cant really manage my time between having fun time with friends and studying or working on my ever so piling assignments, homeworks, and exams. If I choose one, I'd just sacrifice the other one--which is not good, uh? (I give a bold here, because, well, actually I should balance it right? ha-ha, which I don't)

On weekends usually there are intolerable amount of homeworks for Monday. I also have to study on some materials which I haven't comprehended too (well, maybe part of it because I dont have any afterschool lesson course. too lazy to even think about it for the time being.. ahah)
BUT, also on weekends, there are friends' invitations for hanging out, chilling, or just going out and about. ha-ha. How could I manage this? How could I keep up? What should I choose?
I dont know hahahaha.

Perhaps it's just me who isn't that smart to just keep up with school, but the thing is, I need both good scores and good friends&network. Going to school just doesn't give me enough socializing experience. Ha-ha-ha

What would you choose if you were me? hahaha.
- Go on with standard marks, have a life outside school
- Study hard for higher marks, have oh-so-little-knowledge and network outside school

oh god.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wew, it's a pity that the last post was made on June, which means three months ago. I feel sorry for my self. Life couldn't be more hectic these days, even I currently am having flu.

Paraaa! my profile is updated : I'm already a tenth grader now, in a different school : SMAK 1 PENABUR -- which isn't really a good thing. I mean it's better here, heterogen and stuffs, but I really have to study a lot (which I did, and do)

And anyway, someone fills my day now, hahaha. My love life is all bloomy bloomy at the moment :D. but I wont write about him here, nothing except that we're not in a relationship! hahaha. Life's better without boring commitments.

All that I can say is sorry for those who had linked my blog on their blog, because I haven't linked you back : well now I've updated it actually.

Well thats all... (this post is a little pathetic for me I guess), got to go. I really miss the joy of writing my thoughts here. but my schedule just wont let me do it.