Wednesday, July 18, 2012

new days

What busy days has taught me: trying to pull things through in the midst of fuckedupness. Lesson learnt...

Well I haven't updated since forever while life's pacing rapidly within and around me, clock is still ticking, and monkeys evolving. Right now I'm working on a project, in a competition by Nescafe with mates Satrio, Louis, and Vito. Also got my hands full with events: KOMPeK 15th and Jazz Goes to Campus 35th. I've never thought I can pull things through, but here I am living and making the most out of it with my friends, best friends, boyfriend, and esp. family :)

So to come to think of it, I'm in a holiday right now for God's sake and He knows how busy it's been. Haven't learnt how to drive, stupidly. Currently surprised with the new blogger interface (He knows how long Iven't posted anything). Trying to do some sweet wake up call to my sleepyhead boyfriend (which prolly be sleeping sound at this late moment)... and so on... so on...

So the report is.. this holiday I went for vacation to Lombok-Gili Trawangan-Bali with my family. Not that far away from home, but those are beautiful islands indeed.

West Lombok. Very-very beautiful view for free.

Gili Trawangan. Try snorkeling and diving in this island. Dip a little and the exotic fishes are in front of your eyes!

Local dinner: nasi campur! Try the grilled fish + beer, my parents seemed to like it.

Nice paddy fields in the back of Monkey Forest in Ubud. Just a peek from my hotel's windowsill.

Bebek Bengil (The Dirty Duck Diner). Crisp fried duck to get your tummy stuffed.

Naughty Nuri's. Tried the martini and it was the best value for money. Every sip is worth it.

Babi Guling Bu Oka. If you don't want to queue, try walking/driving a bit further from the one at Tegalalang, turn right and walk +- 50m. Et voila!

Reaaaaaaaally miss this trip!