Monday, November 15, 2010

a little not too much

I just finished reading my sister's blog while studying for chemistry test tmr.

I'm deeply touched, and not in that kind of touched-way... but there's a huge pity, love, and everything, and I wanna shower her with much love right now :( she's grown up so much to the date.

This is an open letter, dear sis. Let's go through the hard days baby, I'm with you. Always, watching your back. Tell me if I can do any favor just to redeem and lighten your burden... especially if I was the cause.

I won't type much, there're just too many emotions bursting out in my head right now. I'm deeply sorry for such a mishandled and tiring life you're experiencing.
But you know, you could just ease your pain a little by showing and channeling your pain and more hard expressions to the world, instead of JUST sarcasm or silence... and struggling is not that bad. People do struggle. People strive for what they desire and I expect so from you.

I love you sister, without you I'm (almost) nothing. :) let's do this and STRUGGLE together.