Sunday, October 24, 2010


Celebrated my 17th birthday finally yesterday, YEAY ME! Haha. Not much though, had a dinner with friends at Siam Reap, Indochine, fX and feasting with big family today at grandpa's crib.

You may find it weird, but I got really given-on-purpose presents this birthday, and a router goes as the weirdest example of what I got. Another one is a laser pointer which I'd been planning to buy. Thank God my uncle saved me the time & money to buy the stuff.

Also got a mini UGLY DOLL <3 from Stacey and Aileen. The turquoise one, it's freakingly cute (I know, its weird), but thank you. Thank you everybody for making my birthday beautiful. And especially for TB aka Felicia who gave me a little surprise yesterday morning by giving me an apple-cake, ahaha.

So, I still have my life to run, got to sleep. Anyway now my house is fully wifi-nized thanks to the router-present from my granpop! Feels great carrying my laptop around the house without bothered with modem cables etc. Nyaanyanya

Oh and anyway if anybody with enough budget is interested in buying me a present, a pair of nude/camel-colored shoes would be great (puppy eyes)
There go Zara's, but on last Wed I saw a lot of pairs of nude pumps in Aldo too.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

wishlist for october

It's been a long time since my last posting, let's say it's been some busy days indeed where I just can sleep at home after a long day full of activities...

Next week is my birthday and due to so many things I have to taken care of, I havent really paid attention on it--REALLY--and it scares me right now.

Currently browsing for things this morning just to update myself for my latest wishlist... I got a new MacBook Pro 15" 2-3 weeks ago by the way! Love it so muuuuuch, thanks to my grandfather. I havent got a proper laptop bag so far, bought a lime-green Capdase for its skin, but I guess I need a proper laptop bag to my dismay. Granpop also bought me a Samsonite laptop bag, but as much as I hate to admit due to its price tag, the bag looks bulky, to my dismay.

Nyanyanya so if you pass upon a proper leather womanly laptop bag, please inform me!

Michael Kors £200

Cheap Monday Threadbare Tight Jean $85

Cambridge Satchel Company Briefcase Bag $158

Disco Statement Precious Ring $34

The Shadow Puppet: Srikandi Tees IDR 85000
gonna buy this one sooooooon!

TOP OF MY WISHLIST: (sadly the price is almost the same as my new laptop, so it's almost a good-bye proenza)
Proenza Schouler PS1 Satchel (the python one is EVEN MORE SUPERB but the tag is also wonderful -_-) $1595

Oh October please be nice to me.