Saturday, June 04, 2011

good days

i just realized (again) that it's already june! 2011 has gone half the year. big things are eventually happening.

i had my high school promenade night on friday previous week (may 27th), definitely one of the most memorable night in  life, though it had gone thoroughly extremely different to what i was dreaming of for the first 2 years of my high school...

made the prom dress (designer: Renzi Lazuardi)
inspired by Elie Saab Haute Couture Fall 2011

also made a tattoo (thanks to Dickstattoo!)
 and a wonderful up-do with braids (thanks to Bobby!)

funny how things have changed after a year.

even so, i managed to have a lot of fun! i was one of the committees too, took part in giving the theme and decoration idea: moulin rouge, and gone deep into my creative side by designing the invitations for both students and teachers.

had an after-party accident though, ran out-of-breath and coughed for something like half an hour? haha, and got some of my best friends panicked during the asthma-like attack. thank God i have caring best friends <3

finally i'm 90% finished with college entrance test, by doing the SNMPTN this week (tue-wed), hopefully i will get a seat in faculty of econs UI. gonna be really terrible if something else occurs instead...
i also had my TOEFL test last sunday, done pretty awful on that. i went all sleepy during the listening part, so, you know... hopefully i'll get a decent score.

on a good side, i'm accepted in Prasetiya Mulya Business School, with a grade A as an addition, but i haven't responded to them yet, hopefully if i'm gonna make it as a second option i will still have a chance till monday (or else i'm gonna have to register somewhere else). hhh

this university stuffs is pretty much confusing.

now i'm totally in a holy-day! got nothing to do since yesterday, been watching dvds to fill my spare time. my body is totally ill since wednesday, been catching cold, and severely frequently blowing the mucus outta my nose. there are some red patches around my nose now... hhhh.
there's also this tiny tinge with the shade of green on my right pointer nail, of which caused by an accident of me pinned my right pointer when i closed my car door friday last week. well, i guess some clumsiness haunts me forever and pops up here and there... at the most unexpected time (it happened on friday afternoon, just right before my promenade, with a french manicure done on it!)

i have some things to do on my to do list, which i'll go right away after i'm back on track in good health. some things like mandarin lang course, french or dutch lang course, some literature reading, driving course (this is getting important considering i can't even drive till now), learning how to cook homemade traditional indonesian meals, and of course getting some decent trips and vacations!

today is june 4th (yap i guess everyone can read that above), but the date 4 means something more to me every month since 2011 :) yeehaa. love life is great, expecting him to come any moment soon to pick me up for lunch, and i'm already very very starving. maybe i'll go all frenzy by the time i eat my meal. not good not good for a date... hahahaha

have a pleasant weekend! (wholeheartedly wishing to myself this time)