Wednesday, February 09, 2011


My surrounding is full of conflicts these days; the clock never stops spinning, so do troubles swinging around human. Felt terrible to see my country in such a disgraceful state that you wanna think twice before leaving comments upon its people... moreover its government.
I'm not saying I know much about justice or those hardcore stuffs about law, but in fact this country needs to be shaken with lots of groundbreaking breakthrough in some political areas. Its frustrating to see how some bad guys could have the power to rule over amazingly massive people and remain untouchable by the law.

For some major point I'm talking here, let's see the phenomenal case of this country's renowned author/activist/young bright mind: Alanda Kariza whose mother respectively got accused in one of the most SUPERSTITIOUSLY suspicious massive-corruption case in the country: the Century gate. She got punished by 10 years of imprisonment & charged with IDR 10 billion, when in fact the owner of the bank itself got punished only by 8 years!
Simply wonderful it is, the action of those politic&overly-powered and money-equipped gangsters in this country!

Apart from all this political conflicts there are also some social instability due to religion&beliefs differences.
There's no more spirit of unity and harmony in people and I see this huge tendency from people of all backgrounds to shape their minds to a more individualistic society...
What a world! I don't dream a day of living in Jakarta but facing people with as much individual minds as if I'm living in more hectic city as London.

Hopefully this cracks up a bit real soon! Like really, I'm not being idealistic, but seriously this whole situation needs to adapt to the new world. We need to change!