Friday, June 19, 2009


Hem I'm thinking to change my blog layout. dan berhubung gua gk bisa xml I think I'd just pick up a layout from the web. Hahaha.
Just see for yourselffff later!

princess of old days persian


Some will think the dress is very old-looking. but for me this Adin Dress worth £1,839.13 (or US$3,008.17 HA-HA), is very very lovely. It gives this princessy yet elegant yet middle east yet garden-fresh et ceteras look to the person wearing it. hem. Just take a look at its flowers embroidery all over the dress (the details from top to bottom).
Somehow this is the kind of dress that I wanna wear to prom one day *drooling and dazing off..hem unhealthy price*. Something flowy, maxi-dress with a princessy touch HAHAHA.

what do you think?

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oooh I'm so happy that finally I found out how to write my blog from my phone!! Aaaw. This is sweet.

I'm currently having a bad stomachache which doesn't allow me to stand too much or make bad movements, or I'll end up spitting my poo all over the panty, euw.
Bad liquid. Ok stop talking disgusting.

Another bad thing is my boyfriend is currently hospitalized due to dengue fever and I miss him so much. We havnt been talking for 4 hours now. Or texting, better said.

But this morning in the midst of my aching stomach I managed to attend ibii stock simulation. My school partnered with them to facilitate this program. The learning process was really fun!!
I bet ppl would want their teachers to mostly be like the one who taught the program tis morning. Anyw his name was mr Roe Santo.
And then there was this guy yg ngajarin ttg stocks dan stock trading dan brokers etc. Overall it was something you'd not want to miss!!

Anyway. I havnt rly decided yet about my movement. But to anyone who wonders (oh, like any), I think I'm staying@smuki.
I just hope that little probs that's been kicking for the whole 1st year would end (but probably not). Yaah mainly cos those are small things but bcos everything has been piling up so it's disturbing.
Such as: plg dr smuki cape, plgnya ga jelas gmn, no network-minded students, competitive class. Aahh..

This post is very long isn't it? (Well I'm writing from my phone thankyou) hope someone will read and gimme a comment. Hemm.

I hope my thumb is fine till I'm old, I overused it for typing like this -,-.