Thursday, November 08, 2012

long, long time ago

OMG. Looking at this post
Reminds me that it's been so loooooooong ago! :(
Before bad things happened and disappopopopopointing stuffs. hff

getting skinny

So in the mood for losing my weight. Yeah! The power of getting skinny!!! Go be skinny bitches!!! LOL. Aiming for a body like Scarlett Johansson...
Uh oh YOMS! ",

Meanwhile, life's been pretty much a bumpy roller-coaster ride. No time for some indulging me-time. Sleep deprived. Uncooperative external support. Yeaaaaa, fuck.
Soon I'll be like some gothic nerd with social hatred, ha ha just kidding.

Watched the movie "Beautiful Mind" several days ago... John Nash's life really got me on my nerve in a way of saying "Tessa is so stupid in Economics". I'm like, nothing, compared to everyone out there with their high achievements so on and so forth. Truth is, I question myself so much nowadays, am I really ready to prepare for my already-near "future"? Sad and suck.

Ok my mood is really grim since I haven't had a proper rest for a while. Living so much dependent on coffee. Hff

Gotta go and give a fuck to my lectures. Hail bed! Skipping 2 classes today kthxbye. YEAY!