Wednesday, December 29, 2010

nikicio: femme Resort 2011 "THE WHITE OLEANDER"

Attended nikicio:femme Resort 2011 fashion show thanks to my dear friend Ajie Nikicio (:

The collection was totally fab! It simply has some 'meaningful' Prêt-à-Porter pieces that give some edge to fashion nowadays.

Credit goes to here for the pics of the show below.

The proud hostess of the show: Nina Nikicio (pictured left) and me! (yuhu, got a chance to take a pic and little chat with her thanks to Ajie). Her designs do wonders!
I wore her nikicio for centro tees that night (the white top I was wearing)

My favorite piece (pictured left). Havent bought it yet, I hav so many things on my wishlist. That leather-y dress comes only with one size (all size actually) so hopefully it will fit my curvy figure.

I liked the idea of the glass painting done at the back (look at two fash show pics above), wanna get an artistically handmade painted glass for my own house one day. *putting into wish list* *omg I hav so many things on my wishlist*

If you're interested in their collection you may as well check nikicio online store.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The Official Dr. Martens USA Store -
DM Pascal Black Smooth $120


Thursday, December 16, 2010

bike and heels

so it's holiday time already now and I'm currently browsing around in the internet.
i found this gorgeous yet bizarre picture of Olivia Palermo from The Sartorialist, Oct 14th 2010

what is so bizarre about it?
1st she's going to ride a bike 2nd its the killer lovely heels!
what is so lovely about it?
1st i love the killer heels!!! argh 2nd its the birkin, just the perfekt combination 3rd its the leather shorts, what's hotter than riding a bike on such leather shorts 4th its her graceful yet candid pose

yeah yeah, i cant even ride a bike, moreover on such heels. a picture that worthy of myself would appear in another light years to come

Sunday, December 05, 2010

a quickie post

i think i need to change my layout, eh? it's too soft for fun days like now, hahaha
i'm in the middle of what's-supposed-to-be-finished exam week, but because i have to retake some tests, it hasn't ended yet. and i'm just way too lazy to study.
back off

Thursday, December 02, 2010

november: happy and content!

my cutest birthday gift so far: babo bird!

halloween party at penabur international class, oct 29th
dressed up as a flower-goddess wannabe ha-ha! quite a look-alike eh?

halloween party at tribeca oct 30-31th

dine in: hachi hachi at central park nov 5

jakarta culinary festival at grand indonesia, nov 6

europe on screen! at goethe hauss nov 9

supper at 7-11 menteng after europe on screen!

tante indira and om stef wedding, at kristus salvator church nov 13

watching: megamind 3d at ex nov 13

watched harry potter last week before exam. it's the best installment of harry potter i think so far, because maybe somehow by dividing the movie into 2 parts it loads more details from the book compared to previous potter movies. so i was quite satisfied the moment i left the studio.
watched it with ribka ajie and gilbert.

hectic yet happy school days with friends!