Monday, August 24, 2009

what's not to love about new season

see it and believe it

marc jacobs is totally awesome and so the price tag.


zipper. love. £1,608.70

can i have those stuffs mom?
she said, "NEVER."

and then...

tom binns? he makes really gorgeeeeouuus knots!


camilla skovgaard, whosoever she's


now it's on sale

reed evins.

pictures taken from,

Sunday, August 23, 2009


hullo! my blog! haha.
ive been not missing my blog a lot cos life's been hectic. but these 2 previous days i managed to pull some stress off. on fri i went to my school for dance practice but jojo surprised me afterward with appearing at a cafe near my school, in which i was having my lunch with bingky and lita. huhuu, thats like the very 1st surprise he got for me which i really liked! <3
n then in the evening i went to gading with mom n nye2, met alden n saw an annoying senior, bought 3 dozens of jco, 2 scoops of frozen yogurt, n some clothes which totally took my legs sore and my stomach full when i got home
on saturday there was more fun, more more more. on the morning i met jojo at fx then we went to dharmawangsa square and ate at sumpit. his treat, the place was not so pricey but VERY VERY DELICIOUS! i recommend you ppl! sumpit has good malaysian mee and nasi goreng sapi lada hitam. u might also wanna try kuetiaw singapore and lumpia sumpit (its filled with grounded squid and topped with mayonaise! u know, thats like very YUMMYYYYY with chilli sauce)
then i went to gi. watched cin(t)a, the movie was fine but the ending sucked. i dont like unhappy and cliffhanger endings and it was one of those movies with cliffhanger ending.
went to bk afterward, and the bk part was really fun. i chatted with my girls (anamichel, aileen, dea, wita, and cla) n really had so much fun and so many pictures hahaha :)))
looking back at that day makes me wanna go back. :(
in the evening i went to senci to pick up my sister. i had to go to my cousin's bday party which was held at her house in senayan...
the party was fine, it was attended with only small crowds of my family and the homecooked meal was a blast of delicious dishes! :) i had tom yam, fried gurami, patin soup, kangkung tauco whch were very2222 delicious.
so its like yesterday i was getting more fats fats.
now burning up time!!! haha. but no time. always no time.

so now im only procrastinating my time to study. i have an indonesian studies test due tomorrow, chemistry test due tue, and math hw for tomorrow. now im just laazy!! grawrr and i kinda miss jojo though where the hell he is right now, i dont know.
personally, i think that being close to a particular boy whos going to smuki toooo is a heart breaking experience. aaaaaaaaaaa. i think i should have some experience going out with a not-so-busy boy, ah. but who?
this is like, i dont like being second at times...

life's busy huh :(