Thursday, April 29, 2010


im so goddamnit busy when meanwhile i want to post something since last friday! can't you imagine that! i was going to pour my mind out but my days haven't allowed me so far, till the point in which i forgot my lament, and unsure of what to write here... like, right now.

okay, this is just too random and empty
got to go i have a geometry test for tomorrow-wish me luck

:x i hate my routine and everything bad that comes attached to it

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

heroine loves hero

wishing that one day, my lover will tell me that...i'm his greatest lover! :) afterall, the zodiacfacts had said it. HAHA. and anyway, its great to know you're someone's greatest lover since... i know how great it feels! i had back then called a guy as my best boyfriend, and he's definitely given me the best feeling in the world: to be fully and completely loved!
okay, stop the public-sharing

Anyway, my life's been good! (yeah, for real! like, finally, duh. i can stop whining on my blog. but school stuffs' still pressuring on my head) and truth is, i'm gonna thank everyone who had been with me through the rough days i'd been having last month, indeed.

Like the first i wanna thank my family =) my dad's like my only precious best friend!! he gave one of the best comfort i've ever shared with A FRIEND. he'd waken up in nights when i was really down and hugging me till the next morning...haha. it was really useful since i hardly cud fall asleep back then. he's also the best comforter and hope-giver AND the one who gave me the most discouragement NOT to move on in the best way (and i thought that's good, because if people do it in an obvious way, i wudnt even have given it a second thought). thanks pak :D. love you. also i thank my mom for scolding me for crying on things that's not worth crying for (because they didn't even give a damn back then...well), and of course, my sister! who'd been patiently there to wake up on nights when i wasn't even sober enough to think clearly.

Now, my best best friends :) believe me or not, i have some bunches of the best people you could ask for in life. i can't put anyone on the second place, so there go everyone who's been there all day on my first day of being brokenhearted! ha! thank you maura for being so patient through my ups and downs, novita for insisting me to accept all the heart-breaking reality (and even scolding me for that fact, HA!), cla for the SEMANGGAT! yeah you go baby, i was very much alive because of you. i thanked aileen for the best old sayings 'kalo jodoh gak kemana' and for the patience and the time u've spent accompanying me, thanksss ijie for the insider info ;) and the "conspiracy", and life-experiences u've shared.

for the following days after, i thank everyone who's been there for me like, EVERYDAY. you can't guess maybe how would my rantings affect their ears and days, but believe me, they're really understanding. here goes my gratitude for stephanie e., nike, and emily! there goes one word for you: muach. and another 3 words: i love you!!. thank you jessica w. for the prince charming-compliment, hopefully, one day, i would end up with my own prince charming yes =]. thank you randi for covering my sadness between lessons and cheering me up with some most-amusing-jokes in life :p. yeah, we both freaks, bwek! thanks sasa for sharing the guys-trouble, you gave me an example of great patience in enduring things, HA! thank you to cynthia for the laughter to ease the loneliness and "every little thing, is gonna be alright", bob marley rocks yaa, :D. thank you jordy, gilbert, and adrianus a., for the boyish advices, for the great time and being such great companions and listeners, also for the time and wise responds :)

okay, save the best for the last! no, maybe it's unfair to say the best, but then, they (though so did everyone else) had (and have perhaps, though no loneliness' included now) the real supporters when everything was empty and i got so lonely: thank you mr alden martin pasaribu and ms stella theresa winarto! haha big hugss for you both. can't you imagine a cooler friend than one that's there when you call for a shoulder to cry on, and has to take care of his own ride to home afterwards (HA-HA), or perhaps for a pair of ears to be an attentive listener? :)

welllll.. thank you so much for all the favors, hopefully i also can be a best friend to you all. i love you all like soooooooo much :3 hehe

Monday, April 12, 2010


if i tell you i love you, can i keep you forever?