Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh well gw ngomong sendiri, yaudahlah, that's what a blog is for.. I might as well taking a long break from you until I can cope with boyswhocanttelltheirmoms again :(


Bahkan untuk kasihtau dia skrg untuk bilang aja ke nyokapnya bikin gw takut. Gw takut dia marah dan ngerasa beban. Tapi gw juga pingin ngeringanin beban dia, drpd begini terus..

Aduh.. Coba dia mau nyoba.

i love you, please acknowledge me

I'm writing here as someone who's quite a family girl

I've been really close to a boy for a year and now I only want one thing: my loved one tells his parents about my existence in his life.
Tapi dia gak bisa karena dia takut (kayaknya) kalo kasitau mamanya bakal dibilang gak boleh deket sama cewe. Aduuh..

Terus dia juga susah pergi sering2 dan lama2 dan tiap pergi suka harus boong..

I myself enggak tralu suka dia sering2 bgitu, walopun I stay silent. Tp hari2 bgini, when everyone's more grown up already, seeing my friends n others jalan2 gampang sm their loved one..

I wanna be someone who can understand him tp we hav maintained the relationship for more than a year, can I just get an admittance from someone I love to his mother? Hahaha..
I love him, he knows it, and he has known my whole family bahkan sampe some tante oms dan my only grandpa..
Next year or the year after that he'll study overseas to godknowswhat country and isn't it heartbreaking if till tht time I hav to mourn alone when he's gone, cos his mom doesn't even recognize me.

Gw pengen ngerti tp gatau kapan bisa tahan dgn kayak gt, smntr gw tetep sayang dan kangeeeen bgt sm dia :(

Hikss can u just tell ur mummm..toh kalo dia gak terima bs lanjutin backstreet aja..
I'll struggle still to be with u kook walopun ur mom rejects me :(:(:(

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I hate being an eleventhgrader, AAA. All the fun of the previous grade had left and replaced by some MOOORE hectic days of studying and learning, therefore I get busier and more unrelaxed.

I miss having more time with him, doing wonderful things that only memories now could bring :(