Saturday, June 21, 2008


I miss my blog so much it hurts ba-ha over. anyway, i really miss it.

so it's only been several hours since I'm back from CISV PROTOTYPE CAMP III 2008 (and I still want more more more). It was hell lots of fun :D. I learnt quite much minus Al gore's speech (again) ha-ha. and I realized something there: I dont have that much guts in discussions with ppl I dont know well. (oh and I envied felix for that guts).
I miss you all, gendang!, 206, everyone. oh yeah! one little detail : i got 2 summerflings! BAHAHA

Lets jump to another topicpicpic

Are you wondering why i'm tiping this post fully in english? well, i dont know why. I'm kinda wondering of that too.

Ehm, ehm
now, school life. Cant be any worse because I didnt reach my NEM target, arghhhhhh. See, it was 37 and I only got 36,4, ohmygod. I'm not supposed to be disappointed actually, cos I admit I didnt pay so much effort on UAN ha-ha. but eventually, this disappoints me to death.
argh :(
(and meanwhile everyone keep saying that I've done well. sigh. sorry, no offense, i dont mean to be rude, but its just hard to cope with this fact HAHA OHMY I'M SOOO COCKY)

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na na na na na, I see now summer is coming somewhere on earth. :p
I want a tunic dress! baaaaa. (omg so cool/ net-a-porter)
I want a silver and gold-ish dresses! aaaaaa.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, my wishlist is piling up this holeehday.

Okay, catch up later. I'll just spill up some things about my flings here. HA-HA. xoxo.