Monday, November 30, 2009

awww I love you

I'm posting this at 5 in the morning cos I just couldn't help to resist :)
My panda <3 sent me this last night and I can't help but touuuched and really touched.

Thanks hon. That's the sweetest msg I've ever received

I've made you cry a thousand times.
Litres of tears fell from your eyes.
But I'd wipe your tears a million times.
And never want to say goodbyes.

I've done a lot of mistakes.
I'll make it up whatever it takes.
I don't want any heart breaks.
I won't let your heart turns to flakes.

For time that we've been through.
I know I love you and it's true.
And whenever you're feeling blue.
I always want to be with you.

We're more than just a work of art.
Small things won't tear us apart.
Nothing will tear us apart.
We'll take everything in good part.

But time always be a bad supporter.
So let's fill our time with laughter.
Fill it with colors as if we're the painter.
Write beautiful poems as if it's a letter.

You're the music for my ears.
You pull me out from my fears.
And when the end is near.
I hope our love still stands here.

They said that nobody is perfect.
So you are the 'nobody' that they have mentioned, for me.

Yesterday's history, tomorrow's mistery, and today's gift, that's why we call it present. -taken from KFpanda.

I'm sorry for the unorganized message.
Maybe it's more like a collage.
Passage that worths more than everyone's wage.
Passage that worths more than just a passage.

I miss you.
I need you.
I want you.
I love you.


I don't care if it's actually not written by himself..
I love you too.


Friday, November 13, 2009


most recent i attended:

theodora beatrix's greyish bash

thats my boya she looked pretty aiyt? :) <3 her dress!

me wore: greyish piece from godknowswhat my mom bought me, i think it's mangga dua's HAHA, zara skyscraper heels
with steve and vincent!

my own birthdaayy! :):)

something pink hangin on my shoulder: vintage romp de calais

eliza bonosusatya's masquerade

thats my nyonyoliza in red! stunning, agree? :)

on me: white cavalier frock, ginarossi heels, vintage ruffled cardigan

Monday, November 02, 2009


how it sets my plastic dreams arose (MELISSA F/W + VIVIENNE WESTWOOD ANGLOMANIA)

cant unlove this pair

red is too much to bear

...but black is too elegant not to be craved.