Sunday, January 27, 2008

Well, well, well. Update! :P

Okay January is sooo tiring. tiring. and tiring. And I dont know when I could get off this flu :(

So this week was all-full-of-assignments. From Mon-Fri. And on Sat I have this Smukiez test. aaaah.. I couldnt get any more tired.
Well from Mon-Fri school life went like usual--but lots busier--but well that was that. The bash were yesterday and last afternoon! woho.

Yesterday I did okay on smukies registering test. though I thought it brought a little private change on me--which I wouldnt post here anyways but somewhere off-- haha. And then I went to senayan for a little while-- Prepare for Ijie's birthday bash on Sats night.

Taa daa. So Ijie's party was fine--fun I might say. though I was all sweaty on the way home hahaha. She threw it on Tony Roma's WH which is good since it's been quite sometime since the last time I went fine dining hahahaha. I ordered Baby back ribs, and as usual as how Tony's would satisfy me, it did! :9

some stupid photos: (the dresscode was electric colours and I came up wit that tartan haha)

And then on Sun, there was Kezia, Claresta, and Boa (Eunice)'s birthday bash. they threw the party on CPK (California Pizza Kitchen, EX) and it was all-food-packed. There was soo funn lalalala i ate till drop too as I did the night before. and for CPK, i still love its fettuccini mushroommm. :9 i also tried alittle of kungpao chicken spaghetti and the taste didnt meet my mouth at all. :(
then kezia brought us guests to XXI. We watched alvin and the chipmunks then (the movie was all cute-- i mean those chipmunks are!)

again, some stupid photos:

okay this is the big review of weekends... enjoy your time! :D

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Latest Myths and Facts About Globs Warming

source : y! green

Myth: The science of global warming is too uncertain to act on.
Fact: There is no debate among scientists about the basic facts of global warming!

Myth: Even if global warming is a problem, addressing it will hurt American industry and workers.
Fact: A well designed trading program will harness American ingenuity to decrease heat-trapping pollution cost-effectively, jumpstarting a new carbon economy.

Myth: Water vapor is the most important, abundant greenhouse gas. So if we’re going to control a greenhouse gas, why don’t we control it instead of carbon dioxide (CO2)?
Fact: Although water vapor traps more heat than CO2, because of the relationships among CO2, water vapor and climate, to fight global warming nations must focus on controlling CO2.

Myth: Global warming and extra CO2 will actually be beneficial — they reduce cold-related deaths and stimulate crop growth.
Fact: Any beneficial effects will be far outweighed by damage and disruption.

Myth: Global warming is just part of a natural cycle. The Arctic has warmed up in the past.
Fact: The global warming we are experiencing is not natural. People are causing it.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hello! huaah. I miss this blog for a long long time. looks like it's been nearly a month since my last post here :(

Well the thing is, life couldnt get any busier these days. assignments, tasks, and the tiredness it brought to me had to make me postpone every time i wanna post here.

Life's great though so far! Teehee. For the last classmeeting events I would really like to announce that my class won five titles together: First place in the cooking competition, Second winner in the modern dance competition (which means me win #2 :D:D:D), first winner in the class-decorating competition, second winner of the singing competition, and second winner in the fashion show. HAAHAAA we're the only class which could make it to five titles! Hahaha.

And then the being-goodie-goodie thing previous semester has resulted: I ranked six in my class! Yeay. My total score is 85,9, up 3 points from the eighth grade.

well, now. the busy part is now i have so many errands that continue to appear. there are 3 powerpoints i should made, one 40 pages-paper (this one i've finished succesfully and thanks to "some people" ahaha), high-school registering tests and much more. I've done 2 high school tests so far, St Theresia (t27a) and santa ursula yesterday (and the following psychotest today). Woooh. but things arent going so well because now im having flu whereas the test is this afternoon. and next week, there's SMAK 1 BPK Penabur test (smukie) which people say it's brain racking one.

Now, the green part is: I've became greenier these days. and i told people too to be greenier. Haa,haa. I'm proud because generally i can call myself succeed! and i wont stop~

the green post would follow up next! Ciao, see yaa!