Saturday, January 29, 2011

desirably free

got nothing to do nothing to lose :*
i'ven't had proper sleep for days now. my muscles all stiffen. i wanna party! i wanna get out from my routine! yet all i can manage is just... this.
wish i could wear the whole attire not in daytime right now..

trf night blazer, bloop/endorse animal print skirt

there goes my fave mango tank top but can't find it on store anywhere now. need to buy some basic stuffs considering my nomaden condition right now .. commuting from pulo mas to senayan -.- (with addition of some of my tops are gone missing). well.

life's been hectic, if not crazy. i need to seize my time between studying for school, the UN exam, school final exam (this year they held final exam on all subjects! ITS CRAZY!), studying social science materials due to university entrance test considering economics is the major i'm after.. and apart of that, managing school prom and yearbook design as one of the committees.

wish me luck.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Kadang memang kita paling susah menyadari bahwa yg kita butuhkan sebenernya udah didepan mata dan udah ada bersama kita...nggak harus ditunggu, atau dicari lagi.


Wednesday, January 05, 2011

wishlist for january!

this time, one of these things better be in my wardrobe fo sho!

Nikicio Femme Resort 2011 : Pleather Longer Back Shift Dress
been wanting this dress since the fashion show!

Ash (Booties) : Madonna Wedge Sneakers
anyway, those boots from Ash do wonders. I wanna own a pair. HHHHH. gotta check their collection some time here. mamaaaaaaaaa ...

Cheap Monday Collection Autumn/Winter 2011 : Narrow Ripped and Sewn Skinny Jeans
total love. I need black skinny jeans like pronto.


Monday, January 03, 2011

4 years of blogging

hip hip hooray! my blog is now already 4 years old, and counting, definitely!
i posted the same birthday post a year ago, and the memory of typing that post is still fresh in my mind like it was just yesterday!

i re read some of my blog posts on january last year, especially the one i made on january 1st, whoa. things have changed so much in a year, and right now i call those lovey dovey things i wrote of myself a year ago as my past already. last year's currents have become this year's past, yeah. pretty much changes have happened lately.

looking back at my 2010's resolution, i'm quite proud :) because i certainly have successfully developed something overtime. on my post a year ago i wrote about the "secret resolution" part which was inspired by a friend of mine, Maura, which is "to get used to living single (as in not in a rltnship) if i have to". i'm successfully doing right now... i pass with flying colors, if this were an exam, if you ask me. hahaha and that result didn't come overnight, it was something after months of gruesome "moving on, letting go, fight, and pray" after my break up last year. haha.

by the way, i'm currently at the peak of my life right now. so far 2011 hasn't really disappointed me in a way a disappointment could come at its worst! feel glad, cos therefore i don't have so much bleak perspective towards the upcoming days of the year :), instead i'm quite positive that the year is gonna be mine to rock on!
i have the loveliest best friends in the whole world and am enjoying my freedom days. certainly there are always rough patches on the path, but i'm not in the mood to sink into bottom. the peak always feels greatest if you reach it after the rock bottom :)

i have many goals for this year, especially for the graduation and entering university part! geez, time really flies right? i've made up my mind and now i'm oh-so after a seat in the Faculty of Economics in University of Indonesia! pray for me, eh? hopefully next year i'm gonna be wearing the yellow jacket! Amen.

right now i also participate in both yearbook and senior prom committees. hopefully things would be neat, punctual, and running smoothly till my senior year ends!

(i used to be not so excited about the prospect... but after passing half of my senior year, it seems like quite an experience!)