Friday, June 25, 2010


i'm thrilled! thanks to a phone call this evening with my loved onee :3 spent half of today browsing for tees... doesnt mean it cut my obsession for the high end fashion though. it looks like my teenage-eye is doing the part of liking these pop art and band tees! *kitten eyes to mom & dad* really want them... even though most of em were designed for guys. mmm.

those ATL tshirts make me really wanna go see their concert on aug 4th this year :( aaa.
buy me all please? :)))

ATL banana & gray tees: facebook
stupid boys: crazy dogs tshirt

to rekindle is 1. To relight (a fire). 2. To revive or renew

i was reading new moon till the part when edward broke up with bella, then a past memory came to mind.
a past memory of someone telling me that that was how he felt, just like bella, when i broke up with him.... i still cant define how i feel toward the break up i made at that time till now, yet when something like this comes up i can only think that i regret it.

right now i cant handle the guilt, its overwhelming. moreover these 2 days i've exactly been mulling over & rekindling about the sweetness of my past relationship, again. yes i know its a bad habit i cant get over with.. in my foulest & most lonely moods

i'm having a light headache attached to my head right now... so i'd better take a nap and come up with something bright after i have waken up



too many posts will erase your mind

okay the title is so random. i just had sent my previous blog post minutes ago, and here i am typing again. looks like its really a 'blogging day' i had mentioned on my 1st post today, but i'm really doing it now...

i analyzed something about myself all of this past year, that is, i get crazy about a particular guy before i fall in love with him, but the falling part takes really long time. haha.
ohu-kay thats a #randomfact HAHA

i miss someone right now, and i cant tell him right away cos i'm afraid to break the smooth and good term i've been keeping since 2 days ago. sadly it seems to me that he doesnt look like in the mood to talk about anything loveydovey....hmm.
well i dont really care if he later reads this post and acknowledges that this was about him though................ i just have the need to tell it. and i guess its too 'errrr' to tell such thing to a living soul (in this case i mean... friends).

i have a thought, that blogs are lacking something: emoticons. i think it's gonna be useful to put little emoticons here and there with a real icon not just :) :( :] :p etc, cos i kinda need it right now, hahaha.

i think i need to cheer up a little: the more i write the more i seem to be drowning in my own pool of gloom to everyone who reads it...or should i say myself, haha... okay.

laaaw of attraction: happy happy happy im happy im happy im happy im happy!
(success!, i'm smiling stupidly now.)


i've been spending a lot of days outside my house so far, at i'm writing this on the late 2nd week of my holiday.
you know, things are working greeaat. my holiday has been good so far, and i'm grateful. though i hate that i didnt take as many pics as possible back these days. its just, its good to be remembered and yet i dont have anything to memorize it

my blog post is titled absurdity, AND, i dont even know why i put that as the title. maybe because the fact that i dont know why i put that its absurd enough, or because what i'm typing in this post is not even connected to each other despite being the "going-ons" stuffs in my life

i wanna spend the whole day writing here but that would be an absolute nonsense because 1: i dont think its a waste of time, its just the following days everyone can just read my thoughts, so... well i dont really like the idea of everyone knowing my every thought. 2: i would get a sore back and flatten my ass by the end of the day... haha, i know, sooo not important. 3: i'm afraid that some people would get the wrong impressions and irritated at me

these past 2 days i felt like i've been missing a best friend, like, you know, someone to spend the fun with. its like no one's there when you're just sitting idly at home, watching tv and switching through the channels... its fun, though may sound boring, yet it gives this lonely feeling to my head.
i'd been feeling all gloomy yesterday, i dont know what's the real cause, but its like the loneliness crept in my head... haha. sounds scary.

i'd also been reading twilight yesterday. the book was good, the romance is EXAGGERATED. HA! even without knowing who the author is, i could even guess that the writer's a woman.
i mean look at the perfectly flawless edward cullen and the oh-so-fragile bella swan. okay it sounds a bit sinister, but i got a point there, right girls?

my loved one is going to australia tomorrow for the whole following week, so i guess the days will be lonelier than ever this time. i've got some stuffs to occupy myself though so hopefully i can make it unscratched ha-ha-ha, if you know what i mean.
this morning he told me about some good tees on the net, and it's really good and tagged at quite-friendly price. i'm planning in ordering and currently browsing through the webstore(s) now... i have never done online shopping before and perhaps this will be my 1st experience! ha ha. i'm gonna post about it if i've already bought & received the tees!

jump to another topic! yeah, now about my eating habit. and sleep time. i gained some kilos over these days... and i'm not gonna mention how many, but i feel like i've to cut down my weight twice or even thrice the amount i've gained. about my sleep time, well... these previous days had made me slept early in the morning, almost at dawn, and waking up early in the afternoon, quite exactly at brunch time, haha... that makes me skip breakfast and in risk of eating too much.
so, i guess i've to start to work on both of these issues before turning into a fat pig on the first day of school -____-

i've mentioned about universities, my next step higher education in previous post... well, this is still huge and big clouds to me. i need to talk to my parents and some family members about this issue but its just... so.confusing.ergh.

okay, got to shower, or i'm going to type an endless rant about my days here...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

boring high school student rant


yo you know, i have to decide about what major i'm into, which university should i attend to, and the indonesian final exam so called UN, etc etc. i think i'm going bald.

meanwhile, it's holiday right now. i have to decide all of that in this freakingly short one month in the midst of having my own holiday time.

i've narrowed down my options to BUSINESS SCHOOL with concentration on finance & marketing... but can you tell me what's the best business school in indonesia? do they have that majors?

SO, i have another burden, well, if i'm staying in indo (which is quite the possible option), i'm gonna have to take a more well-round major, like, engineering, or, medical(?) to have a (slightly) better future

i dislike rantings like this on my blog, well, this means i can't find the solution for the time being, and time flies really. i could just imagine it was yesterday that i was doing that registration entry test to smak 1, my shs, and now i'm already a 12th-grader.... UHMAZING.
and its not that i passed the previous school year without any hard work. there were only little ups and lots of downs.

one thing to show gratitude at is, other than these stuffs, life's been good, if not great. God's fair, i believe in Him, ha ha. my grades were okay. parents've been good, and my holiday has also been great. lovelife? uuum, lovely :).
ok think that's enough update for now :D

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

a collage of quote for my babyboo

iloveyou :* (click it!)
i am sorry kalo gak rapih :(