Once a little girl

The name is Teresa Puspita Saraswati, Tessa for short, lives in Jakarta, Indonesia.
I go to SMAK 1, an academically excellent school which always gives pressure beyond imagination to students on the last days before final exams. I love hanging out and chatting and skypeing for hours with friends, bonding time with family, and doing anything crazy and peculiar ha ha ha.
I have huge dreams and dare enough to achieve it! One day I want to live in a peaceful village after a longtime journey living downtown... hahaha. I want to travel the world all round and meet as many people as possible.
I'm not feeble and fragile as a boy used to say, huh, but quite childish in reality, ;)

That is, me.
I have a lovely sister, Shinta, she's very close to me... I love her!

She made that herself.

Ain't she the prettiest? <3
Anddd.. I love my friends :)

I have this rawwrr-domo named 'bubipau' :*

and the latest addition of BABO the bird :D given from my best friend Stacey

I love my life thru its ups and downs :)