Saturday, February 20, 2010

who am i to you

who am i to you who am i to you
who am i to you who am i to you
who am i to you

i have to know

mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... i wanna be little kiddie again, teach me how to let gooooo of evertyhign :(((

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Kezia's Hollywood Party - Segarra, 29 January 2010

she's the one in the middle wearing pink dress, sooo pretty :)

me; far right. panelli floral dress

Gilbert's birthday dinner - Kihana, 30 January 2010

Gilbert and pempiiii, the-soon-to-be-girlfriend HIHIHIHHI


me; middle. f21 fedora. top-borrowed mom's. zara heels.

Stacey's sweet 17 party! - Vintage, x2, 31 January 2010

jieeee you're super beautiful in that red dress. though the black-grey dress did amaze too ;)

me; in the middle; red-white floral maxi dress bought it for an instant wardrobe shock.
the party and dancefloor was uber fun :)

Jojo's poolside bbq - Dharmawangsa, 6-7 January 2010

well, hoping to see the photographs soon, jo hasnt even uploaded it.

My HUUUGE apology to Adine for not attending her victorian tea party last week at Kembang Goela. Such a pity for me, cos now that i saw the pics it seemed to be real fun :)

Whats next? Yohooo