Saturday, September 08, 2007

whats life if it doesnt exist

someone once had said to me, "this is no life, there's no you as a part of it."
it knocked a little sense in me, in which alerted that another human-being can be someone's world, the one to rule over you and to be crazy in love madly about.

sometimes i really want myself to be forgiven of all my sins. im thinking about some of my latest and worse sins.
intropeksi. the word hurts
i tried.
i triiieedd.

see, and then i found myself in the center of the <3 shaped environment, in which my judgement always take place after it connects with the operational system of my body, not the recent Windows Vista perhaps, but better, the brain.

yeah gua menemukan suatu kejanggalan yg gua rasa lucu. these days i was soo radiant, soo cherish it could sweep all those sadness in your face. i smiled, i laughed, i screamed, i played..
but at home, "the place where i belong"-Daughtry said, gua keinget akan semua memories yg keep playing for times in my head, bubbling under.
i am too radiant, but i love it.
gua akan senyum di tiap minus, ketawa di tiap plus, di tiap yg lucu. i dunno if this is possitive or not, but perhaps it could be some use for me.
berseri-seri sepanjang hariii..

and then, i dug deeper and i found thaatt..
i am a little too much optimistic.

this is, with a big help from my character building teacher at school, Mm Pipin, which told a story about two brothers, Optimist, Opti as short, and Pessimist, Pessi as short, both in which live in a kingdom and have lost their beloved King-father recently.
so the ministry-like of that kingdom shall choose the next king.

then opti and pessi adventured out of their castle.
opti sees the world in a very different perspective as pessi does. when he looks at a dying old man, he just said heartily like, " maybe they position was better in heaven, so just rest in peace." but pessi sees it differently, " gosh, that oldman was so desperate he killed himself. how could the country extend if the people are like this."

-skip skip-

and then, came the day when the ministry has to choose their next king.
who do you choose? Opti or Pessi?

of course, from the stereotype of what people're like, they'll choose Opti, and so did the ministry. but unfortunately for them, Pessi didnt accept with it at all.

he exclaimed to the members of ministry to close their eyes and stay silent still. within seconds, he killed his brother Opti and hid his body somewhere in the castle quickly.

when he exclaimed back for the ministry members to open their eyes, they realized that Opti has gone. so, pessi could claimed Opti's position as his, and then he turned to be the next king and the kingdom live ever after.


so, how about you, which one are you?

everytime everyone's down, if i was there, i'd be like, "oh come on, its easy! we could make it turn like this, and that, and then the result'd be just like.. tadaaaaaa!"
i see everything in its simplest form as it can be.

and lucky i had once had someone which could compensate the very optimistic me with his analysis of pessimistic. =p
or maybe ive fallen into the deepest of failure caused by not thinking of the result of what ive should not easily done. ahahaha

gua gak tau kenapa gua bahas ini, its just came to my mind and suddenly i felt the urge to type it here.. lalalaala

see you =))

*do you notice that my posts are matured per post? ahahahaa :D*