Monday, October 19, 2009

(my) boyfriend

A boyfriend to me is someone to rely on, someone to hold on to, and someone to be loved and feel loved by. By having one means taking the great responsibility of taking care of his feelings and love, mentally and physically.

Getting a boyfriend means finishing the process of what so called PDKT which is fuuuun! I really miss pdkt ing days with that butterflies in my stomach and flirtatious statements which obviously anyone would throw up by hearing. HAHA. But seriously, after you're in a relationship, I bet there would be a period when you're missing pdkting days, as I am right now, hahaha. My rltnship is NOT at all boring, but butterflies is something to be missed.

Naa, boyfriend. There was 2 lovely stories regarding mine these days!!! :):)

Well 2 days ago I was about to start my volley practice at school and my boyfriend was about to leave me to go to taman anggrek mall with his friends..well
T: titip soursally yaa kamu baikkkkk deh, nanti abis aku latian kamu balik sekolah
J: uuum kalo bisa janji, udah sore soalnya
T: asikkkk yeaaah
J: kalo janjiii.. (Desperately saying, haha)

Well, I don't expect much though I said "yeaah" haha. That's a huge favor to ask..haha..BUUUTT..
T: *practicing volley on the court*
J: *suddenly showed up his face at the door, waiting*
T: *looking at jo from distance, thinking that she might be dreaming cos jo was actually holding somthing that looked like a cup of froyo*
At that moment, I asked my friends whether it was him and they said yes and knowing that jo was bringing me the froyo I asked, they cheered and was saying stuffs like "oow jojo's so sweeeet" "dia baik banget perhatian banget" etc. Aww jo you're making me proooud *loh* ahaha <3

T: *approaching jojo* waaaa!
J: *smiling*
T: makasih yaa *ngeliat yogurt yg dia bawain, red mango's, topping nya BUANYAK BGT* but how do I manage to finish this, masih harus latian..
J: bawa aja ke dalem suruh org pegangin.. Palingan diabisin :p
T: enak ajaaa gak mau, haha enak bgt nih panas2 makannya..
*waktu udah mau habis*
T: untung aku lagi voli, jd rakus deh, kalo gak mana abis niiih..

Haha. Thanks ya jojo :):):) small things you've done makes you my best boyfriend in the world, <3
And that makes this story a lot funnier:

This happened a few days ago, when my english teacher who was supposed to teach my class was leaving downstairs, and I was about to go to the toilet.
T: ma'am, aren't you supposed to be teaching my class?
ML (ma'am lina :p): oh saya mau taroh barang dulu di bawah
T: oh okay *walking away*
ML: ooh, tessa, (okay this was SO WEIRD) kamu orangnya tertutup ya?
T: hah??
ML: iya, kamu orangnya tertutup ya? Menurut perkiraan saya kamu bgitu..
T: tertutup gimana ma'am?? (Super bingung aneh bgt ditanyain bginian)
ML: yaaa misalnya kamu punya pacar, dan pacar kamu baik, kamu cuman cerita ke1 orang temen kamu ato bakal cerita ke semuanya? *smiling2*
T: (HAHA) ya kalo pacar saya baik sih saya cerita ke temen2 ma'am. Saya terbuka aja kook.. (Sambil membuat lingkaran besar pake tangan)
ML: ooh, gitu yaa..yaudah.. Hehehehe *ketawa2 senyum2*

And then in her lesson, she approached me out of the blue and said
ML: *right hand on my back* are you sure you're openminded enough?
T: *bingung pertanyaannya ga nyambung and out of the blue lagi* pretty sure ma'am, just in case to understand my friends' problems..
ML; aha. *smiling and left*

That's jojo's homeroom teacher, can you imagine how odd that was??? Hahaha.

But one thing for sure, if I have a nicenicenice boyfriend like mine now, why would I hide him from the world??? :):):)