Monday, October 17, 2011

new life. completely

hello! its been forever since my last update, EVERYTHING, like, literally EVERYTHING has completely changed so much in between, i can't help not to explain.

I'm now officially an undergrad student, got accepted in my first choice: Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia. it feels so different to be an undergrad freshman, afterall, high school is the best thing you can have in life I guesssss!

haven't been partying or having fun much except being some kind of an active student in campus. well i had better to build a new network of friends, huh? considering SO MANY MANY MANY of my lovely besties are moving abroad last june-aug. only some of them left in indonesia, moreover in jakarta, so its quite getting on my nerve what a lonely birthday i'm gonna have this year, despite my new friends and acquaintances in the campus.

as for information, i'm now also officially taken and it's been going for almost 4 months in 3 days time. i know, it sounds really lame for not posting here for too long. i feel quite weird too.
i've mentioned him quite some time before in this blog, with the lovey lovey title too. haha :) so maybe the news won't be so new...

attended Nikicio Mixte S/S 12 fashion show yesterday :) i love the patterns. also loved the previous mixte collection actually, but (uhm) not the sizing. :(
hopefully the new collection (which will be fully in Goods Dept on November) will do the size for me.

in the prev week i just had a very busy college life indeed. lesson learnt is put yourself into the rightest organisation or committee so you can fully get yourself into it. i mean, now i've already had the experiences doing something i not at all loved.

everything is going normal except my currently sick body. well, birthday is coming in 6 days, i better ask for a medical check up as a reminder of "birthday present" to my parents. you know, i think i lack the good health most of people have. well... hopefully not though.

i can't say i love my new life, but i couldn't ask for less :)